Theologies and Practices of Religious Pluralism within Orthodox Christianity, 16 January 2023

What is the place that religious differences occupy in Orthodox Christianity? How much has Orthodox tradition engaged in dialogue, tolerance, inclusion towards Otherness? How does the Orthodox Church position itself within the friction between the theory of “the best religion” and the acceptance of truth in other religions?  

Following the Birmingham and Bologna conferences, this workshop intends to continue reflection and analysis with a specific focus on pluralism within Orthodox Christianity and dialogue between the Orthodox Church and the other Churches and Confessions. It will take place at the end of the 2023 Volos IOTA conference and is part of the  “Theologies and Practices of Religious Pluralism” project that convenes a team of international  scholars to provide original insights on the often-ignored transformations that modern pluralism has  forced upon all religions, challenging their theology and practices.


Giancarlo Bosetti | Reset DOC, Chair, José Casanova | Georgetown University, President of Reset DOC  Advisory Board, Jocelyne Cesari | University of Birmingham, Cyril Hovorun | Yale University , Pantelys  Kalaitzidis | Director of the Volos Academy, Aristotle Papanikolaou | Fordham University, Alessia Passarelli | FSCIRE Foundation for Religious Sciences, Katerina Pekridou | Conference of European ChurchesElizabeth Prodromu | Religious Freedom Center, Freedom Forum Institute, Pavlo Smytsnyu | Institute of  Ecumenical Studies, Kristina Stoeckl | University of Innsbruck. 

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